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Is the change of season affecting you?

Time for Acupuncture

At this time of year, when the climate is changing and the nights are starting to draw in, our bodies are having to adapt to a changing environment. Many people notice the changes and may feel they have less energy and are more prone to coughs and colds etc.

Chinese Medicine recognises the impact our environment can have on us and uses acupuncture to help optimise health, particularly during the Autumn when we are subject to season changes. Because of this, Chinese Medicine recommends considering acupuncture treatment at each change of season.

In China, acupuncture has historically been used as a preventative ‘medicine’ and therefore acupuncturists were hired to keep people healthy, but not paid if people subsequently became ill.

Today, most acupuncturists recognise the benefits of acupuncture regardless of whether they have any specific problems, and have regular acupuncture every 4 to 6 weeks.

Due to the changing environment at this time of year, it is important to make time to look after our bodies. By making adjustments in our diet with warming foods as well as wrapping up warm against dropping temperatures and damp weather, we can help maintain good health through the coming months.

Making time for a seasonal acupuncture treatment could also enhance our well-being and help us resist illness through the Autumn seasonal changes.

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