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Your questions answered!


Q Who has acupuncture?
Answer:-  Anyone can have acupuncture, at any age. Most people try acupuncture because of recommendation from friends or family who have benefitted from it. Others may be referred by their GP, are interested in exploring complementary therapies or have symptoms they have been unable to control.


Q What can I expect at my first appointment?
Answer:- The first appointment usually takes 90 minutes. You will be asked lots of questions about your medical history and lifestyle, after which your pulses will be taken and your tongue examined. Fine acupuncture needles will be inserted in special acupuncture points and left in place for approximately 20 minutes. Wear loose comfortable clothing as you will be relaxing on the couch whilst having acupuncture.


Q Will it hurt?
Answer:- Julia said, "In my experience, both as an acupuncturist and an acupuncture patient there is often very little, if no pain at all. Many patients find acupuncture so relaxing that they become drowsy and some even fall asleep."


Q I have private medical insurance – will it cover the cost of my treatment?
Answer:- That depends on your insurer. As the demand for complementary medicine increases more private health insurance companies are beginning to offer cover for traditional acupuncture. You should check your individual policy details.


Q Can I give blood after having acupuncture?
Answer:- You must wait for 4 months after having acupuncture before giving blood.

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