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Facial Acupuncture


Facial Acupuncture has recently become very popular and most people come with the aim of reducing fine lines, puffy eyes and improving their general complexion. Additionally facial acupuncture clients often find that other problematic symptoms improve and they have an enhanced sense of well-being.

Although Facial acupuncture is designed to work on the face, a few needles may also be placed in other areas of the body and will be left in for at least 20 minutes so it is advisable to wear loose comfortable clothing.

The number of treatments needed will vary according to individual needs but may typically be a 2 treatments a week for the first 3 weeks then 1 treatment every 6 weeks after that. The first session will be a full 90 minutes; subsequent treatments will be up to 90 minutes.

If you would like to book in advance a course of 7 treatments is available for the price of 6.

Some conditions are contra-indicated therefore please contact Julia for further information on 07872330502.


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